Un-Requested Bless Call By: Nabila Abbas HQ PDF

Un-Requested Bless Call

Un-Requested Bless Call By: Nabila Abbas HQ PDF

Un-Requested Bless Call


” The biography of a man who was once a shepherd and now educating multiple lives……..” I thought to write down this biography for that person to whom i can feel in my veins. He is embedded in my mind, running in my blood and installed virus free into my heart. He is 477.2 km away from me, somewhere in his small room and surly would be surrounded with heap of thoughts that how he gonna make better future of multiple lives by advancing his educational tools in that small tribal town. Probably, he never get much worried about his own children as much as he concerns about others who are studying under his small shower of ” passion for education ” town. Why this person is so special while every one else is doing the same? No, others would be normal in enjoying basic facilities scale with some differentiating levels but he is the one to whom “NO” is just stuck since many years.

The Dreamer By: J.M.Hurley HD EBOOK

No Education, No awareness, No technologies, No facilities, No advance or modern way of Life, No Freedom, No ideas to flourish, No sense of living ….and so on as far as I concern to present developed world still this ” NO” is endow to his area. I assume perhaps this “NO” is Ok with the people of his area because where they live, there life exists is a bit luck for them. In an area where Life existence could be much more difficult then what else they should expect from? This is what, this book is based on a long journey of struggle. From darkness to light, exterior to interior, the journey is thrilled from fantasy to reality. This gonna be enjoyable fiction-reality base book for my reader, i hope! You would learn to know a man who is so special for me and interesting thing is that he isn’t aware that what i’m gonna do right now. Writing about him! Indeed, i need no formal permission to take his time and talk about his life so that biography could be justified. I know him more than his own. Yes! because i’m her blood and blood can never be thin.




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