RULES OF SURVIVAL Version 1.110890.111038 APK is Here [LATEST]

rules of survival

RULES OF SURVIVAL Version 1.110890.111038 APK is Here [LATEST]


Welcome to the stage of survival rules. You will be one of 120 defenseless players who will be dropped to a vast, desolate island. Only the last survived.
Keep in mind that your safe area is declining. You are spreading with gas, the enemy shooting a race, and eventually chase death.
You can fight alone, can also form a small team of 4 or less. Gather weapons and scatter, arm your own teeth, use your wisdom and tactics, from unfortunate booties.
alert! This is not just a game. This is about life and death battle.

Shadow Fight 3 Version 1.6.2 Apk is Here [LATEST]

【Game Features】
Run or fight!
– Absolutely fair game in a huge HD map.
The last person to stand!
– Solo or team mode in battle of 120 survivors
Choose and use!
– Various guns and accessories.
Fast & Furious!
Drive the vehicle across different terrain.

This is not a game. You are writing survival rules!



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