Miami Saints : Crime lords Version 2.5 is Here [LATEST]

Miami Saints : Crime lords Version 2.5 is Here [LATEST]

Miami Saints : Crime lords

Welcome to Miami Saints : Crime lords As part of the notorious criminal organization in the North, you need to look at some of Miami’s import issues. So you take the plane south to take care of business, at the airport, your old friend Fat Boy is waiting for you. The criminal story begins as your adventure into the car begins. You expect the deal to go smoothly and smoothly, but not so smoothly when you arrive in Miami. After the deal fails, you are yours, and in retaliation for those who are you wrong

Try to live in the streets of Miami
When you play this crime simulation game, you will know that these streets are tough and leave you with no need to find a way back to the top. So now it’s time to fight back and take over the city for yourself. Discover the City of Miami in Miami Saints: The Lost Lord, the newest and best of the best Miami crime simulators found on the Google Play store. Find friends who can help you accomplish a successful mission and you may also become enemies on the way to the top. Keep your friends together and bring your enemies closer, can you become the new criminal in Miami?

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Miami’s underworld
Miami’s streets are dominated by different gangs, and cartel groups are fierce fighting with small-scale Hispanic gangs. China’s underworld is behind the scenes, we all want a city. With its huge port, maritime trade routes to South America and more illegal import and export of illegal goods, why do we all want to firmly grasp the city. Use these gangs to listen to triad opinions and be clever to make sure you’re at the peak of the day!

Miami Saints: The Lords of Crime – Crime Simulator Game Features
 Epic story-driven mission
– Different gangs and enemies
– Lots of weapons, cars and all the things you expect from Miami
– Explore Miami for sunsets and beaches
– Lateral missions earn more money
– Sniper mission, aim and remove the target
– Easily control, drive, shoot, fly and navigate ships in a criminal game


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