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Lost Heroes … : Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari

Lost Heroes … : Muniba Mazari

Lost Heroes

We all have heard about the proverb; Make hay while the sun shines. Have you ever seen a living example of this? If not, then this blog is about that person who tried to take benefit of her popularity and some pitiful life incident but ended up defaming herself. I am talking about Muniba Mazari. My first interaction to her was when my friend showed me a video of her TED Talk, I was inspired by the he courage, strength and will power. I wanted to meet her in person and tell her that how much I admire her, that I will love my daughter to be courageous like her. After that video I searched all of her videos, blogs and post, in fact everything related to her because I wanted to know more about her. That was the time when I found her interview in which she was telling about her husband, that how dear he is to her and how much support she gets from him and many other praising and thankful comments toward her husband.


Then there came a time when I heard her inspirational speech at BBC top 100 influential women across the globe. Oh God, that was devastating, what you said there was completely opposite from what you told people before. You tried to crack a joke that you have a lot of titanium in your back after surgery that’s why people of Pakistan calls you The Iron Lady of Pakistan. No, we called you Iron Lady because of your courage, your audacity not because of what you think. What you said about your husband is your personal matter, you have to deal it with your husband inside the court but what made me and million of other people upset is that even if you lied before about your marital relationship just because that may be you were not ready to open about it or any other reason you had to portray a happy married life then what made you think that truth is necessary to be spoken out now? I am no one to judge you or your words but this contradiction in your own words has cost you a trust and proud of million of people which they had on you.



With fame, there comes a responsibility towards your words and action. One must think before speaking because million of people look up to you. Your selection of words can boost or shatter their trust and confidence on you. Pakistanis have just lost their one more living legend.


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