Godfire: Rise of Prometheus version 1.1.3 APK is Here, [LATEST]

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus version 1.1.3 APK is Here, [LATEST]

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Unlike any other game on Google Play, there are graphics of console quality, vicious free-flow combat, and epic boss fights.
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TOUCH ARCADE: The Nectar of God – 4/5
Asian Games: AAA Mobile Game Experience – 8/10
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When he becomes Titan Prometheus, he will embark on an epic journey of exploration in search of the Almighty God Mars to save humanity.

Terrible fighting enemy enemies
Fight using a dynamic battle system and use the intuitive controls or touch controls to navigate the battlefield freely, releasing devastating anger attacks.

Challenge the battle of the boss
In the visually stunning epic proportions of the multi-stage boss battle, facing nightmare creatures.

Free exploration
Discover a beautiful mythology and tech world, filled with secrets, puzzles and dozens of unique project finds.

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Next Generation Quality Graphics
Working with Oscar-nominated animation studio Platige Image, it produces stunning, unreal-engineered visual effects.


With the power of Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 805 and 810 technologies and OpenGL ES 3.1, stunning visual effects such as mosaic displacement mapping and advanced anti-aliasing!

Epic story
Immersed in Prometheus’s story, full-featured animated shows and dialogues are performed by professional performers.

Competitive survival and time attack patterns
Fight against a large number of bloodthirsty enemies and the time itself in the game’s Survival and Time Attack modes and challenge your friends using a variety of online social features and leaderboards.

Unlimited customization
Upgrade Prometheus, learn new skills, discover a variety of upgradable weapons, armor, and magical items to fight with the power of a Titan hero.

Exclusive ANDROID content
New Dynamic Lava Pit Survival Arena, Time Attack Mode, exciting mission features, enhanced graphics and more – exclusively for Android.


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