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One of the worst things that can happen to you in the modern era is to lose your phone. Sometimes we don’t even consider how irreplaceable some of the data we carry with us is. Rather than wait for future regret, you can be proactive with Coolmuster Android Assistant, which lets you backup your SMS, contacts, apps, photos, and video. 

With just a single click, you can back up all the most important data on your Android phone. Even better, you can also use Coolmuster Android Assistant to import things onto your phone, too. There’s no worrying about file transfers, you can easily copy SMS, photos, videos, music, and apps onto your device. It can even work over WiFi.

With Coolmuster’s Android Assistant you can easily add, delete, or edit contacts from the comfort of your keyboard. You can even use it to send SMS from your computer, or print them out.

It allows you to instantly export from your device, safely storing them for future use. You can even uninstall useless apps from the convenience of your PC.

No longer will you be required to individually make backups for everything you want to be kept safe. Instead of using one service for photos, another for music, another for SMS, and so on. Android Assistant allows you to quickly and simply backup and restore all the things on your phone that matter the most. It works with a wide variety of phones from many manufacturers, too.

  • Keep your SMS safe
  • Backup your Contacts
  • Save your Apps, Images, Videos, Memos and much more
  • Can also manage or Uninstall useless Apps
  • Easily accessible and easy to use
  • Almost every Device Supported
  • Even works on WIFI
  • Import or Export from PC to Android or to Android to PC

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