Durango: Wild Lands (Unreleased) 2.19.0+1712061719 APK [LATEST]

Durango: Wild Lands (Unreleased) 2.19.0+1712061719 APK [LATEST]

Durango: Wild Lands

Durango is an evolutionary version of the full-featured MMO experience on the next generation of mobile devices, named “Best Phone / 2017 Handheld Game” by E3, giving you full free roaming at the Game Critics Awards And choose your own gaming experience while combining unique exploration and urban construction experience with real-time collaboration and head-to-head fighting against enemy clans and huge dinosaurs.

Winding from your world to Durango, discover the rich pristine environment mixed with the modern goods transported. In order to survive, you must look for modern and local resources around you. Embrace your inner vanguard by choosing your own path to interact with virtual worlds and other players and discover, develop, and develop the vast, dangerous wilderness of Durango!

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Let Durango be your own world while following the key design features!
# Learn how to survive in the Durango world
# Settle on Taming and Civilization Island – Collect, Hunt, Craft, Cook, Farm, Build and Trade Manage Your Domain Names and Assets
# Explore unstable islands filled with invaluable resources, scary dinosaurs and secrets
# Create a family together to expand the village. Find great dinosaurs on Raid Island and participate in battle between PVP and clans
# Conquer the Savage Islands, gather better resources, fight the enemy clans, and control the ever-expanding world
# Discover an unlimited number of islands with a variety of environments and more detailed content


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