Drift Hajwala Latest Version 2.8.8 APK is Here [NEW]

drift hajwala

Drift Hajwala Latest Version 2.8.8 APK is Here [NEW]

Drift Hajwala

Drift Hajwala is a drifting game with awesome set of inventories available plus wide range of cameras can be used. Graphics are just outstanding..
So far, this is the best game in the Middle East,

You can customize your car the way you like and design your driver’s character to your liking,

And, you can design your track to your own desires, the limits are your imagination, so yes

Creative, make your imagination crazy

Play online with your friends, can play up to 8 players, play more interesting

You can choose from 90 different cars,

So far, there are 12 million players worldwide,

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420,000 videos recorded by the player, wow, how many

With 12 different levels, you can choose the time of day and the weather

We’ve created voice chat and text chat in the game so you can be closer to your friends

And play, no matter how far they are

We allow players to make this as they wish

Make you unique

Finally, we remind you that we are ready to listen to your request and we are ready

Add it to the game

Hajwala games are the most fun games for you and all your friends

Thank you all for your high-level

God bless



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