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Blogging is one of the most popular and interesting titles Nowadays. You know better about blog, don’t you?. Well, We, The Innovative Globe Team are also providing you with the top interesting and popular blogs from around the world. Our own Team member, Ch Hadeed is a blogger and you can read his blogs here.

Basically, Blogging is an idea that a person has relating to something. Bloggers provide their own ideas about what they think about certain issues. It really is interesting and fun activity, so if you never read  blogs, we prefer you to.

Apart from that, you can also become a blogger. If you want to share your ideas, and what you are capable of, contact us.

procedure to get your blogs featured by The Innovative Globe:

• Write A blog

• Proof Read it

• Contact us, send it to us.

• And there you go.

Absolutely without a penny….

Lost Heroes … : Muniba Mazari

Lost Heroes … : Muniba Mazari Lost Heroes We all have heard about the proverb; Make hay while the sun shines. Have you ever seen a living example of this? If not, then this blog is about that person who tried to take benefit of her popularity and some pitiful [ … ]

Despise And Egos – Malala Yousafzai

MALALA YOUSAFZAI (GUL MAKAI) On October 9 2017, Malala Yousafzai tweeted about her first day at Oxford Malala  “5 years ago, I was shot in an attempt to stop me from speaking out for girls’ education. Today, I attend my first lectures at Oxford.” – Malala’s Tweet She got wished [ … ]

A Stitch in Time – A Blog

SOCIAL BLOG Once upon a time there was a King. He was just like other normal kings; brave, kind, good looking and charming but what he had different was that he never felt any attraction towards any women, he used to have interest in guys but he couldn’t be open [ … ]