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Once upon a time there was a King. He was just like other normal kings; brave, kind, good looking and charming but what he had different was that he never felt any attraction towards any women, he used to have interest in guys but he couldn’t be open about his orientation because of the clerics of his kingdom. With every passing day of his life he was getting old and the need of his heir was getting strong but no one knew that what’s the reason that king doesn’t want to get married.

One-day King’s advisor told him that now it’s a high time for him to get married and produce offspring as kingdom’s people are getting insecure about their future and there’s a distress among them. In short, advisor made him agree to get married, celebrations were held almost for a week in kingdom. Everyone was happy except the King, he was regretting his decision but it was done by now. Well, with time Queen came to know about his secret and in anger and remorse she told everything to her father. This news made Queen’s father angry that if King wasn’t interested in having a successful marriage with his daughter then he should not have got married on the first place. he gathered his troops and attacked the kingdom of his Son-in-law and after victory he hanged the King for his betrayal toward her daughter.


So now, what was the mistake of the king, being a gay? Or for not being an effective husband to Queen? Well if you ask me, the only and biggest mistake of the King was to care for what people say about him. His mistake was that he agreed for something what he couldn’t do. He should have been firm about his point that if I don’t want to do something then I will not. King knew his capabilities more than any other person.

There are many people who do the same mistake as King does. If you are one of them then you just should ask few question to yourself,

  • Am I not sensible enough to take decisions of my own life?
  • Will these people who are forcing me for certain actions today will take responsibility for future outcomes?
  • Am I able to suppress my wants and find peace in the decision which is being imposed on me?

Once, you get answers, it will be simple for you to take a good decision for your own self. According to a rough estimate, about 56% worldwide university students are forced by their parents, elder siblings, teachers or financial supporter in the matter of choosing subjects. This 56% of present students make up more than half of future employees which means a dark future. well if they are so good at killing their dreams and get stick to what others have chosen for them they can only be good at cramming books and may be get master in what they have been told but they will never be able to give a new idea or make betterment for their field, Ideas comes from a peaceful and satisfied mind not by the one which had been limited in a box.

You have no responsibility to be a doctor just to fulfill your father’s dream when you want to be a painter. Yeah parents have rights, one must ask for their advice as they can give you a better solution in the light of their experience but still don’t let them snatch your peace and satisfaction in the name of future about which even they are not confirm.

Another problem which students face in selecting their subjects is that they say we don’t know what makes us happy. we don’t know where we have our interests. Well it’s not a big problem, you just need to recall that what u wanted to be at different stages of your life. For example, at 12 you wanted to be a doctor. But at 14 you said no I will become a lawyer and with passing age you changed your perception from becoming an engineer to be an artist. Just think that how will I feel if I will become a doctor, lawyer, engineer or artist?. Which things attracts me? what can I do without getting bored? where can my skills and hobbies lead me? While doing this feel yourself, know yourself little more that what thing soothes me.

It’s a common saying that ask from your heart what it wants to do. Then make your brain to find a way for it, your heart will never disappoint you and your brain will never let you astray ?.

– Ch Hadeed

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